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Module 06: The New Media and Design of Information

In Module 06 participants will be exposed to the most current research on how people interact with the new media. Web-based marketing activities, consumer behavior via the Internet, email, dialog marketing, permission-based marketing, and privacy issues will be addressed.

The participants will be provided with a practical understanding of this new field of information design and will learn techniques for designing information for new media, designing information in a way that enables people to quickly access what they need will be the focus.

In addition, participants will learn about DRTV - where it's been and where it will be when television and web convergence are a reality in the form of interactive TV.

Case Exercise
Participants will be provided with a body of information to translate into a web-based marketing program. Developing traditional media ideas to drive people to the web will in this challenging case. The process of website mapping will be outlined.
An abbreviated list of topics covered in Module 06:
Designing for the web
Applying direct marketing strategy to the internet
DRTV - present and future
Cybermalls and the practice of electronic commerce
Drive to web - integrating with other media
Information design - how to present information on a website to people can quickly get what they come for
In a stressed world, less is more - thinking through the site map
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